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On this website you will find a collection of comedy scripts, sketches and mini-plays which you are written to use in the classroom, theatre, assembly hall or just for your own amusement. They have all been successfully tested on live children, mostly to great effect (notably in class assemblies and end of year reviews).
The playscripts are available to buy now for an extremely reasonable price (which also includes licencing for 2 performances to an audience). Please see the usage guidelines for performances which involve a fee paying audience. If you are new to the plays, you can download a free sample below. Go on, you know you want to!!
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'Rodney 'n' Jools - A modern scene from a balcony'

free sample

A parody of the famous scene from Shakespeare, originally performed directly after a performance of the original scene. Quite short and only has three parts, so you might want to combine it with other stuff. Does have a grandma that buries bones though!

free sample


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Want to set up your own primary/elementary  school rock band? This article tells you how! Click the above link to listen to the tracks that make up 'Wake up & Wonder' as featured in Guardian teaching blog 'School of Rock'.

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