About Sid River 
Sid River* is a hoping-to-be-published-soon-writer who is trying his hand at stories, novels and poems for children, as well as creating the material that appears on this website. He currently works as a teacher and is a frustrated musician and songwriter. He likes chicken tikka dupiaza and watched too much tv as a child. Why he is talking about himself in a third person narrative perspective is anybody's guess!!

 "When people ask me what I do and I tell them I am a teacher, they immediately ask "What do you teach?". I instantly apply a smarmy grin and shout "Children!", at which point they laugh politely or strike me with a heavy object."

Random Wild ass of the dessert.....

"Tea-cher. The one who makes the tea." - Roger McGough

 *Sid River is the author's pen name, and also the name of a large body of flowing water in Cornwall. And the the name of a rather sorry looking rabbit in the back garden at number 47.