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This excerpt from a story (called 'Capture') requires re-writing to set out the dialogue correctly. It also needs some added punctuation and to make it more exciting, all the 'said' words need replacing with much more interesting vocabulary!

This briefly amusing passage has no punctuation - Oh dear. There are possibly several ways to do it so plenty of electric debate will be generated. In places, it needs a bit of thought.


For each grid just shout out a total and students need to write down the compliment to each number in the box to make that total. Or you could just shout out 'add seventeen' and they can rush to add it to each total. Breeds really flexible calculating skills.

Good for learning square numbers and roots (obviously!) You can play a sort of bingo game with it, student working out the answer to a calculation and covering it with a counter. Alternatively, you could print off a thousand copies and wallpaper your classroom. Nice.